Statogale is a group of freelancers who specialize in various areas such as data science, data analysis and web development. We strongly believe in as well as love the concept of data collection, analysis and presentation as a means to better the society, hence we joined the train.

When we aren't coding

So far, our team comprises of Optometrists in different locations rendering primary eye care services to individuals. This puts us in a position to work with data especially clinical data.

Analytic tools
  1. Python
  2. R language
  3. And a host of other open source libraries meant for data analysis
Dev tools
  1. Bootstrap
  2. ReactJs
  3. VueJs
  4. D3Js
  5. Plotly
  6. Laravel
  7. Python
  8. And Lots more....

source: Plotly

Our Skills

Over the years, these are the items we have on our shelves. We keep on working to get better in these areas with each passing day. We built this website to also teach what we've learned so far.

Web development
Data analysis
Mobile Development
Machine Learning
Data cleaning and Exploratory data analysis