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This is our official site for all our freebies - code, tutorials etc... We want to contribute to the software community as much as possible!!!

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python programming - Overview of python datatypes

Mark | 19 Mar 2019

Python datatypes such as numbers, sequences (e.g. strings, lists, tuples), mappings or dictionaries are the...

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python programming - Installing a python IDE

Mark | 19 Mar 2019

Python comes with an integrated development environment (IDE) called IDLE, external or third-party IDEs are...

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python programming - Installing python

Mark | 15 Nov 2018

Installation of python is very easy although it is dependent on the operating system of...

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python programming - introduction

Mark | 20 Oct 2018

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language, useful in the creation of both small,...

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Technologies we use

Over the years we have develop ourselves in many areas. Here are a few


Python is a simple yet great tool for data science as well as web development.

R language

The Analysts in the house can't stop thinking about R language and its amazing capabilities

React Js

From awesome frontend development to data visualizations components. React is simply amazing

Vue js

The Javascript library VueJs is one we also like to visit.

Javascript visualization libraries

Of course we also love D3js, as well as the react and vue components built from them it.

SASS files

Styling is our portion in the land of web development.


We have learned much about beautiful and elegant codes. Thanks to Laravel!!! us.


Data has to be stored and retrieved right?